The beloved father of Shauntae Davis and Joseph Davis.
Grandfather of Shayla and Ethan, and nephew of Charles
Davis. Isa Nazeer was the son of Joseph Davis and Mildred
Davis. After graduating high school, Benedictine 1971, Isa
moved to California for two years. He moved back to
Cleveland, but soon after moved to Washington. After several
years, he then moved back to Cleveland, married, and had two
loving children. Isa attended Howard university, Cleveland
state, and took a college course in California. He also attended
aviation school. While in Washington he worked at the library
of congress. Isa was a taxicab driver for several years in
Cleveland. He was also a property manager for his father’s
rental property before retiring. Ilsa was a great dad that loved
spending as much time as possible with his kids. He took them
hiking, sledding, bike riding, swimming, attended Nintendo
competitions, theaters and arcades, also taught his kids
tennis, football, baseball, driving, manners, wisdom, and how
to pray. His dream was to move to Hawaii and retire. He loved
cats and was kind to every creature. He was a gentle person
that was thoughtful, intelligent, and respectful. Isa was a true
follower of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. There are not
enough words to describe this incredible human being. He will
be laid to rest at Riverside Cemetery on January 14". Isa
Nazeer will be missed and forever remembered. In the name
of ALLAH, the beneficent, the merciful, | bear witness that
there is no God but ALLAH, and | bear witness that
Muhammad is his messenger. May you be at peace in heaven.
Love Tarik and Tooty

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