When a loved one passes away, the funeral is an important part of the grieving process. Deciding how to dispose of the body is one aspect that requires agreement from family members. While cremation and burial are the most common options, many individuals and their families are now seeking greener alternatives.

For burial, natural burials are becoming more popular with over 300 locations across the country offering this service. Traditional coffins and chemicals are not used, instead, the body is wrapped in a biodegradable fabric or placed in a simple pine coffin and buried in a natural location where it can decompose. Funeral services can be held on-site or elsewhere.

Crematoriums have become greener with modern burners, but they still have a negative impact on the environment. Resomation, a new process involving alkaline hydrolysis, is an alternative that dissolves the body using water and lye. After three hours, only liquid and powdery fragments remain.

Regardless of whether the service is green or traditional, the loved one’s wishes for the funeral and disposal of their body should be respected. Family members should communicate with one another to ensure their loved one’s wishes are carried out.

Green Burial