The funeral industry is seeing a digital revolution as social media and digital content make their way into the business. While traditional tombstones have been around for centuries, one company in Seattle is taking them to the next level. Quiring Monuments is now adding small digital marks to their gravestones that connect cemetery visitors to stories of the deceased’s life with a simple scan of the code.

These codes, known as “quick reads,” have been featured in magazine ads for some time and are only slightly larger than a postage stamp. They resemble a barcode and Rorschach blot combination. When a visitor to the cemetery scans the code with a smartphone using a free app, they are redirected to a website that contains personal messages and memories of the deceased.

This innovative technology enables families to connect with their loved ones’ past when they visit the cemetery. The concept has already spread to other parts of the country, with a Phoenix-based company selling gravestones containing RFID tags for digital storytelling.

As younger generations are increasingly fascinated by new media, we can expect to see more companies following suit and integrating digital markers on tombstones in the future. These markers not only provide a unique and interactive experience for visitors but also offer a way to honor and remember loved ones in a more personalized and meaningful way.

Digital Cemetery